Working with the Thais – A guide to managing in Thailand

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BOOKS on living in Thailand are generally a bore. Invariably too much ink is wasted on surface etiquette, such as touching heads and not pointing one’s feet. Finally, there is a book that sees below the surface. Readers who have reported on Amazon, have all scored this book with 5 stars; an entertaining, practical, and classic achievement. Hardly a surprise that this book has sold over 20,000 copies. Moreover, its stories have been used as cases at the Harvard Business School.

An independent reviewer writes:

“Working With the Thais is truly required reading for any foreigner living and working in Thailand. Even know-it-all Thai hands will be surprised by a few concepts that may have escaped their notice.Instead of the usual laundry list of taboos, Working With the Thais explains cornerstone concepts to understanding Thai society such as Sakdi Na, a pivotal concept in Thai society that too few foreigners are even aware of Not content with theory, Working With the Thais is also a practical guide. Sections titled Instilling a Sense of Urgency, Assertiveness, and Teamwork Among Departments give a snapshot of the pragmatic range of this work. Humor runs throughout Working With The Thais, with chapters such as More Gan Eng, Less Gung Ho, and the essential chapter, Losing One’s Cool . Thai social life, as it affects the workplace, is covered as well.This is a handy book to refer to, if one needs to know what is expected if you go to a wedding, or other social function Humorous collages illustrate Working With the Thais, and poke fun at both Thai and foreign preconceptions.A favorite of mine is a photo of a foreigner asking his wife, “If this is a funeral, why is everyone smiling?”



ドクター・ヘンリー・ホームズ 著書紹介



“Working with the Thais should be on the desk of every foreigner, and a few Thais as well, – Chris Mardon, Bangkok Post, in a review for Asia Books

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