Working with the Internationals – Keys to Assertiveness and Accountability

6-AssertivenessWho is this course for?

  • People who need to participate more effectively in meetings
  • People who need to be more assertive and report bad news in full, immediately
  • People who need to stand up, suggest options, and convince their seniors about what should be done to solve problems

Designed for Thais working in a global business environment, this course teaches them two fundamental concepts of Western management.

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Participants will learn the exact steps needed to transform communication, assertiveness, and accountability into action; action for reducing gaps and improving information exchange.

“From what I have seen (after the program), I am impressed that most of the Thais are now as assertive and persuasive as their counterparts in the United Kingdom. Some of them more so.”
– – Managing Director BP Thailand

Course objective :
Explaining the major differences between Thai and Western work systems and work behaviors.
Help the Thai participants to gain more confidence and better interaction skills for dealing with – and convincing – Expatriates. And increasing commitment.

“I’m extremely pleased with the results we obtained. I can see that we are now more closely knit as a management team and that we have benefited significantly from the skill development part of the program… “
– – Managing Director, Narai International Insurance Co., Ltd.

Main course topics:

  • Giving and receiving instructions
  • Obstacles to communication
  • Listening skills
  • Delegation
  • Accountability
  • Giving and receiving performance feedback
  • Assertiveness
  • Convincing skills; how to persuade your boss to try something better

Distinguished organizations that have benefited from this course :

Advanced Info Service (AIS)
Akara Mining
American Standard
Bank of Asia
Bank of Ayudhya
Daimler Chrysler
Emerson Electric (Copeland)
Ford Oerations
Eli Lilly
Excel Logistics
Hutchinson Technology
Johnson & Johnson
Merrill Lynch
Narai Insurance
National Starch
Nike Thailand and Indonesia
Sara Lee
Seara Sports
Siam Cement
Shin Satellite
Starbucks Coffee
UTi Worldwide
….and many others

“The trainers were extremely professional, had custom tailored their materials to our needs, and were able to make it fun for Thai participants. The learning from this course has gone deep into our organizational psyche and there are no longer blank looks when people are asked to “take ownership” of a situation, or “provide feedback” to individuals not performing as required.”
– – Managing Director, National Starch & Chemical, Thailand

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