Welcome to Cross-Cultural Management

Cross-Cultural Management Company is a Bangkok-based management consulting company offering expatriates and Thais cross-cultural team building and management-skills workshops. We provide learning situations which are frank, enlightening, results-focused, yet cordial and highly entertaining.. The teams leave these courses energized, enlightened, and happier with their colleagues.

Cross- Cultural Management has uncovered many of the keys to making cross-cultural operations work much more successfully, and has continued to show organizations what enormous benefits they can hope to achieve, once they gain understanding and respect for the cultural factors at work. As a visible result, the members of a team find out how to modify and improve their management approach, and see huge growth in motivation and cooperation among their colleagues. Results: more harmony and productivity. Although best known for our work with Westerners and Thais, we have repeatedly helped major Japanese companies bridge the “Asian-Asian gap” which can be quite daunting.

As the pioneer, and in an effort to stay in the forefront, the Company has produced major books, both in English (with Japanese version) and Thai. These serve as “the state of current knowledge” about multi-cultural problems and solutions.

Cross-Cultural Management also tailor-makes courses, and conducts special projects for clients with unique needs. Over the past three decades, we have helped our clients with hundreds of unique projects, from almost every conceivable type of enterprise; from start-up assistance for hotels, refineries, auto manufacturing, consumer-product companies, and high-tech operations, As well as NGOs,aid organizations, and every UN agency in the region. We guide them through the analyses and solutions for special communication and teamwork challenges. And most come back to us, as they move to tackle the next level of challenge.

“We have used the Cross-Cultural group for various programs, both formal and informal. As examples, Cross-Cultural has provided assessments of “Where we are” relative to:

  • Thai-Foreigner working relationships
  • Work climate surveys during the difficult time of attrition
  • Special seminars on “Working with the Thais
  • Counseling for myself, as the “head man.
  • Assessment of management programs
  • Teaching headquarters support staff at our Sidney, Ohio, support group.

Dr. Henry Holmes and group, these are just a few of the ways you have helped strengthen our business positions in Thailand, the units which support Thailand, and all the rest of Asia Pacific markets.
I highly recommend you and your company’s services to others.”
VP and GM, Asia Operation,
Emerson Electric