For nearly forty years, Cross-Cultural Management Company (CCM) has been Asia’s pioneer in the field of team building across cultures. We have uncovered many of the keys to making cross-cultural operations work much more successfully – management tools that continually help organizations reap enormous benefits.

“You did a great job and are very experienced. I think everybody enjoyed the day.”
– – Netherlands Embassy

With over 20,000 graduates representing 78 nationalities from 250 major organizations in Thailand, our customers have returned to their jobs as team members ready to modify and improve their management approaches. The results: increased harmony and productivity.

“Every session is very useful. It creates better understanding among colleagues.”
– – Donaldson

Over the past three decades, CCM has helped companies with hundreds of unique projects. A sample:
Building teams of Australians and Thai engineers constructing a dam in a remote corner of western Thailand. Helping Thais learn how to manage Australians, in a Thai-owned company in Western Australia.

  • Team-building projects for multi-cultural aid programs in the SEA Region; Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Bangladesh, as well as Thailand
  • A high-priority training project to encourage local Asians to come forward with feedback about problems and emergencies, saving the company many thousands of dollars.
  • A complete top-to-bottom examination of communication and teamwork for the largest foreign oil-and-gas exploration company in Asia, and conduced seminars on the production platform itself.
  • A large morale study and advisory role, which succeeded in averting a strike, an employees’ union, and other serious consequences ….. and many, many more
  • Help to virtually every UN organization throughout the region, with every challenge they choose to tackle

To see examples of the many diverse and successful projects where we have been guiding partners, please click here.

“Best workshop I ever participated in!”
– – Johnson Controls


Problems and NeedsSolutions: courses and workshops

  • Thai colleagues don't report bad news, and costs are huge and annoying

  • They don't speak up at meetings, so you don’t get ideas or commitments

  • Levels of initiative and commitment are not impressive

"Assertiveness and Accountability Workshop"

  • Lack of synergy

  • Team members unclear about roles and responsibilities in relation to each other

  • Poor communication

  • Lack of mutual trust and respect

"Building Teamwork and Leadership Skills" Workshop"

  • Thai colleagues lack confidence to make business presentations in English

  • There're not persuasive enough

  • Inspirational presentations are rare

  • Weak in summarizing, concluding and asking audience for a commitment

"Making Effective International Presentations"

  • Your “normal” international management techniques don't get the expected results in Thailand

  • TYour Thai colleagues are not confident enough in dealings with senior expatriates either in Thailand or at the Home Office

  • Thais are unsure how to propose ideas or convince non-Thais

  • There's trouble getting colleagues to report bad news, volunteer ideas, opinions, and feedback

  • You can't instill a sense of urgency in staff

"The Skills of Cross-Cultural Management in Thailand"
“The Cross-Cultural Management Team obtained great results with our team, due to its modern pedagogical methods that create a lively and constructive experience. Every participant made substantial contributions to the learning process while the trainers skillfully led the sessions and pin-pointed salient issues relevant to our company…”
– – General Director of Pattaya Food Industries (Viet Nam) Limited