Our Vision

We are designers, guides, and facilitators of high-impact, accelerated workplace learning. In our work, we intend to contribute to a world in which leaders and teams can be comfortable – and very successful – living and working in an intercultural context. In doing so, we believe we can prove that they can achieve extra-ordinary results. We want to help craft a working world where an organization’s members can think – and act – in more than just their own “local” way; where working as a diverse team will be more productive and enjoyable than ever.


“Really out-of-the-box and fun activities that highlighted the fact that our diversity is actually our strength.”
– – Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances

Our vision is that you and your team will learn to leverage the strengths of your colleagues’ national cultural styles to produce a high-performing organizational culture. Vital to this is to enable every team member to come forward with his or her ideas — no matter what their language, culture, or rank; and everyone works with commitment and accountability. Great mutual respect and high performance, in our experience, will follow.

For over 35 years we have been enabling work teams and their leaders to advance this vision.

In practice, here’s how we do it:

  • As a starting point, we dig deeply with your help, to understand you as a unique client – your team, your headaches and remedies attempted, your cultures, and your organization’s values. Since 1973 we’ve done this with over 78 different nationalities. Using unique and pioneering approaches, we show how your “international” company can be made into an ideal “hybrid” of Thai and international cultures; i.e., the best of both. You will see how your change efforts and leadership initiatives — that worked so effectively “back home” — simply must be modified, if you are to motivate colleagues to reach the goals you have to achieve.
  • We design and deliver learning programs specifically for Thais, to groom them for active leadership roles in multi-cultural work environments. We were the first in Southeast Asia to see the problems here, and then pioneer the necessary programs. Thais master skills of Assertiveness, Open Feedback, and Accountability. Hundreds of Thai “graduates” of these programs have achieved such a high standard that they are now running their own multi-national organizations in Thailand, and even managing entire regions for the company.
  • Our flagship workshop, “The Skills of Cross-Cultural Management,” brings non-Thai expatriate leaders together with their Thai colleagues, to intensively and practically bring about accelerated learning which really sticks. The sharp focus is on the skills of cross-cultural leadership and communication in Thailand.
  • Using state-of-the art assessment tools, we deliver highly-tailored, intelligent, and gripping team sessions. These programs are aimed at renewing vitality and cooperation. They enable teammates to help each other work through their problems and opportunities, as they “re-make themselves” and accomplish virtually any job they aspire to do.
“Building confidence in our Thai team to give feedback or ‘bad news’ to us Australians at work was such an important benefit. And as for us, to learn about key differences when delegating and motivating proved very beneficial.”
– – Australian Embassy, Thailand

With our help, you will strengthen skills of teamwork, learning that sticks.

Some of our best facilitation and support is done through having the team “assess itself”; followed by learning simulations and experiential workshops. Everyone gets deeply involved and participates eagerly, no matter their rank.

“The amount of energy you spark is amazing. You excel in making adult team learning stick in a highly enjoyable way.”
– – Danone

Vision-2We are skilled in facilitating very specific interventions and supports, such as: retreats for senior managers; examining the “national culture” challenges of Mergers & Acquisitions, cultural and diversity issues that are hampering organizational effectiveness; getting the organization to change; coaching and supporting one another; conflict-management; and others. All team-building sessions which we deliver are done – a trademark of ours — equally in English and Thai. We have followed the same sure formula with Japanese clients using Japanese and Thai (i.e., no English), or (for another client) just Vietnamese and Thai, or Indonesian with English. Usually we strike a fun and sensible combination of both languages.

It would, we think, be difficult to find a learning experience which is more comfortable than this, yet exciting, challenging and genuinely helpful to every member of the team.