Leading Change: Managing People and Culture

10-Leading-changeToday, coping with change will increasingly become a daily event in any Asia-based international organization. After all, change is constant, change is relentless, and change is here to stay — with increasingly challenging economic pressures ahead.

It is no surprise, then that the success or failure of an organization can depend on its leaders’ ability to respond to, and effectively manage, change. And while many managers realize the importance of facing change head-on, far too few are equipped with the skills and confidence to guide successful change – particularly how to get all employees on board, willing and eager to accomplish the change.

Even the nature of change itself has been changing. In the recent past, change was periodic, with ‘rest periods’ between changes to adjust and regroup. Change took place within stable and predictable environments. That was then; the rate of change has accelerated. The future is largely unknown and the old rules often no longer apply.

Therefore, our Change Management Program is for team members and leaders who — upon completion of the program — will be able to lead their organizations and teams through both incremental and radical change. At the same time they will build customized management change strategies to their specific situation, and gain increased confidence and skills for successfully bringing the people together to get it done.

“It’s not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin

Who is this course for?
Executives, managers and staff, entire teams who want to adopt a positive attitude to change, manage and endure changes effectively, and perform better as a result.

Course Objectives:

  • To identify how people respond to change, in both personal and business life.
  • To personalize the process of change, so that participants can identify their own levels of readiness to change, and how they may have led – and can lead — a change process themselves.
  • To identify the reason why change-efforts in organizations have often failed, and what are success factors for Leaders of Change.
  • To build customized management change strategies to participants’ specific situations.
  • To gain increased confidence and skills for successfully leading the human side of change.

Ignoring or trivializing a changing trend can be costly, so this Change Management Workshop is designed to teach and prepare managers and staff how to be one step ahead of rivals, set trends, and lead change in order to survive and thrive.

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