Delivering Effective Presentations with Confidence

Effective-Presentation-3Who is this course for?

  • People who need to be able to make effective business presentations in English
  • People who need more self-confidence in presenting
  • People who need to be able to state objections logically.People who need to make points more persuasively and clearly

What is special about this course?
It combines training with business results. A high-impact and applicable approach helps participants perform with observable results. Each participant, at the final day of the course, presents a real proposal for a real project to recommend to his own company, which – taken together – gives back to his company far more direct economic benefit than the course fee.


“Helping me become a more efficient and persuasive presenter – this is exactly what I got!”
– -B/S/H

How do we get them to accomplish fine presentations?
All participants are videotaped, so everyone can analyze first hand their own performance. And then learning ascending skills, and practice, practice, practice.

One British MD recently said, as he observed 10 of his Thai managers,
“Their performances, after just two days of training, are as good as — possibly better than — what I see in London. And they made proposals which we actually used in the company.”

Effective-Presentation-2SKILLS which will be learned :

  • Ability to show adequate self-confidence when making presentations in English.
  • Skills for inspiring audience’s interest in one’s subject.
  • Stating objectives clearly.
  • Skills for planning and organizing the content and arguments in a logical, impressive way.
  • Skills for speaking effectively about figures, charts, and data in general.
  • Using English language and expressions for making proposals or arguments.
  • Using visual aids effectively such as Power Point, traditional OHP’s and video presentations.
  • Body Language and effective gestures and techniques for public presentations and public speaking (All the coaching and tips of TOASTMASTERS, and more besides!).
  • Skills for summarizing, concluding, and asking for audience commitments.
  • So, what are the business results?

Each participant will make his/her own proposal — a real idea — to improve the company or department, then present it to the management. Managers immediately get great money-saving schemes to improve the company. On average, these proposals are worth nearly 2 million baht.

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Our Effective Presentations course has been given for :

Merrill Lynch Phatara
Castrol (2 courses)
BASF (2 courses)
BP Oil (2 courses)
Jotun (4 courses)
KRP(3 courses)
Spirax Boonyium
Corrocoat Thailand
Caltex ( 4 courses)
Presko/Shandwick .. and others

“They showed a dramatic improvement in their self-confidence and skills.”
– – The Managing Director of BASF

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